Sea View Apartments For Sale in Phuket

The luxury residential complex with a splendid view of the sea is located on a hill, just 800 meters from Karon Beach. Conceptualised to resemble a 5-star hotel in Phuket. Enjoy the benefits of 24-hour security, 24-hour reception, room services and transport that would be expected of any world-class hotel


Rental guarantee

The developer of the project offers its customers a guaranteed income from renting out an apartment at 8% per annum for a period of 1 to 20 years. Receive your rent once a year in advance!

Buy Back Option

The developer offers a buy back option. Each customer, if desired, has an option to sell the apartment back to the developer, after 5 years, at a purchase price and plus 10% bonus

Installment payment

For the duration of construction of the project the developer offers an interest-free installment payment. The reservation of the selected apartment is 100,000 Thai Baht

Additional payments

When the construction is completed, registration tax, which amounts to 2% of the purchase price, shared fifty-fifty between the buyer and the seller. Sinking Fund (one time) 500 THB / SQM

Communal payments

All communal payments for the duration of the lease are paid by the developer. The customer can live free in an apartment or any other project of the developer 40 days a year

Luxury residential complex

The residential complex on Phuket with a view of the sea will be built in three buildings of 6 floors. 238 apartments will be available for purchase. The area of ​​all single apartments is 33.86 m²

Gallery showroom of apartments with seaview of the Karon Beach

The area of all single apartments in the project is 33.86 m²


Apartments for sale with a sea view to the Karon Beach

Karon Beach is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists and one of the more family-friendly spots in Phuket


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Sale of apartments overlooking the sea in Phuket with guaranteed income from the rent of 8% per annum. Receive your rent once a year in advance

Property for sale in Phuket with a guaranteed rental income

Top offers for the sale of apartments and houses in Phuket with a guaranteed income from renting out from 6% -10% per annum of the cost of housing and for a period of 1 to 20 years from the largest and most reliable real estate developers in Thailand

Phuket condo for sale
1 type

10% per annum for 20 years

Phuket villa for sale
2 type

6% per annum for 20 years

house for sale in Phuket
3 type

7% per annum for 15 yearsт

cheap condo for sale in Phuket
4 type

8% per annum for 10 years

condo in Phuket for rent
5 type

7% per annum for 15 years

buy an apartment in Phuket
6 type

7% per annum for 15 years


Sea view condominiums for sale in Phuket

Luxury complex of sea view condominiums for sale in Phuket, Thailand. Prices start at 107,000 EUR. Rental guaranteed income of 8% per annum for 20 years.
The area of ​​all 1-bedroom apartments is 33.86 m² with terrace and jacuzzi of sea view. Distance to Karon Beach just only 850 meters

Prices from: EUR 107,000

Get a catalog with best offers of investment property in Phuket with guaranteed income from renting out a houses or condos. The best real estate offers from the largest and most reliable developers. Order a free trip on a comfortable car to the best real estates with our manager

Real Estate in Phuket in Thailand

We recommend checking out the faq section for answers to questions about buying a property in Thailand as a foreigner. We are ready, with your request or personal meeting, to answer your questions about property in Thailand in order to invest and receive income from renting out a property


Many developers in Phuket (Thailand) offer a guaranteed renting out program for a period of 2-7 years, and the largest developers of Thailand, even for 10-20 years. This means that the management company created by the developer will lease and service your apartment or villa. And you will receive a regular guaranteed income from renting out your home. Developers offer an income of 5 to 10% per annum of the amount you paid to the developer when buying a house or apartment. For example, if you purchased an apartment for 4 million baht, the average income per year is 330,000 baht per year (about $ 10,000), but the amount of payments depends directly on the chosen builder and a particular project.

Buying an apartment from a developer in Phuket is as follows: we help with the choice of the developer and the project and after you choose an apartment. After that, the customer makes a deposit to the developer - this is from 50 000 to 200 000 baht, depending on the project and the cost of housing. Payment is made in cash, by credit card or by money transfer directly to the developer according to the payment you have made. After paying the deposit, the apartment you have chosen is reserved for you. A few days after the booking you will receive a contract from the developer, which indicates your apartment number, agreed payment schedule, completion dates and other information. The contract is concluded between you and the developer directly, our real estate agency is a witness of the transaction on the part of the customer. The contract is made in English. After signing the contract, 30-35% of the cost of the constructed object is paid. Buying a property in Thailand from the developer, you have the opportunity to receive interest-free installments during the entire construction period, with the final payment for the settlement. In addition to the cost of the apartment, the owner of the new housing shall bear the following expenses:

- Sinking fund. It is paid only once, upon check-in. This is a reserve fund for future major repairs.
- Installation of individual meters for electricity and water consumption. The approximate cost of 8 000 baht for both, it's the one-time payment.
- Monthly maintenance fee: security, garbage collection, outside lighting, pool and fitness center, parking, elevator, golf-cart, electrician on duty and plumber. Paid with a square meter of the apartment and is 30-50 baht, depending on the project.
- Government transfer fee for entering into the ownership of the property (upon receiving the Chanot) is 1-2% of the contract amount.
- No annual property taxes in Thailand.

Is it possible to buy an apartment in Phuket remotely? Yes, you can! Now, thanks to the Internet, you can sign a construction contract, make payments and monitor the progress of construction directly from your country without leaving home!

The process of buying a property remotely from your country:
- We reserve the selected apartment from the Developer for 2-3 days without payment.
- You send the scan of the passport, the postal address with the index for further documentation, telephone and e-mail address.
- Based on your data, the Developer draws up an invoice for the reservation of your chosen apartment (in baht with hint of the equivalent of US dollars on the day of reservation).
- After paying the deposit (from 50,000 baht) and Developer receiving the money, you will be sent a receipt of received funds and formalize the originals of the Contract.
- The contract in electronic form is agreed upon with you and you verify all the data. Next the originals of the contract are sent to you in 2 copies by courier mail, one remains with you, the second will be signed by you and sent back to the Developer. The Contract specifies the exact dates of the following payments with amounts in baht.
- Further, all remaining payments are made according to the Contract.
- Our company signs on the contract as a witness of the transaction on the part of the buyer (this is the rule of formalizing the contract in Thailand). We control the entire transaction until you receive your keys.
- Services of our real estate agency are FREE for customers, our work is paid by the developer. Also we have special conditions for our clients with all the largest developers of Phuket.

The real estate management of your property in Phuket is the way to get the maximum income from renting out an apartment or a house. Rental Pool Program is a range of services provided to the owner who is renting out his apartment and wanting to shift all the worries to the management company about finding a tenant and the relationship with him during the lease of the apartment, as well as work on keeping the apartment in good condition. Our company offers a trust management service for your property in Phuket - 30% (management company) / 70% (to the owner). Our clients do not need to think where to find customers, how to settle them, how to clean and how to maintain order house or apartment, we take care of your housing. Monthly rental income can be paid to an account in a Thai bank, which we will open for you and then you can withdraw from the card anywhere in the world.

The owner of the apartment in the residential complex has the right to transfer the apartment by inheritance. The name of the heir can be entered in the "Chanot" - a document on the ownership of the apartment. By default, the first heirs are parents, then children, wife, husband and the next closest relative male who has reached the adulthood and is the oldest. When buying an apartment from the developer, you can immediately add several homeowners in the contract.

In Thailand, there is an American brokerage system. This means that all agencies work under contracts with developers, all commissions in Thailand are paid under the contract only by the seller - the developer or the owner of the property. In the case of buying a real estate under construction, our prices are identical to the prices of the developer, moreover, for the clients of our company, developers can always offer special conditions and prices. Our real estate agency in Phuket acts as a representative of the customer and renders its services to the client completely free of charge. Full legal support for the entire duration of signing the contract with the developer. If desired, our customers can use the service of our agency – Management of your property.


We offer the best offers for investment property in Thailand with a yield of 6-10% per year from the rental of housing. You can also order a free sightseeing tour of the best real estates on the island of Phuket with our manager on a comfortable transport.